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At St. Laurence High School, the arts are an element of a student’s complete education both as a mode of personal expression and as a tool to build skills that promote academic excellence for a diverse group of learners. The fine arts department provides training in both graphic design and music.

Fine arts electives are offered for all levels and include band, marching band, music and musicianship levels 1, 2, and 3 and graphic design.

In graphic design, students learn visual communication and problem solving through developing their skills in using typography, space, color, and image.

The St. Laurence Band is a musical ensemble that performs in a number of venues. These include but are not limited to band concerts, competitions, festivals, and community events. The ensemble meets regularly to prepare a rigorous and varied repertoire.

Music and musicianship is a class that develops student’s musical skills in two segments. The first segment has students learning to read music, apply its terminology and do a survey of musical history from ancient to modern times. The second segment gives students an opportunity to learn a musical instrument for a short performance at the end of the year

Name Position(s) Ext. Email Bio
Herman, Brian Director of Fine Arts/Drama Teacher x429 bio_page
Lapwing, Nikki Band Director x441 bio_page
Mora, Joseph Art Teacher x432 bio_page

Business/ Economics

The Business Department at St. Laurence currently offers three elective courses that students are free to choose from during their junior or senior years.

Economics/Financial Management is offered to students during their junior and senior years. Topics covered in the course include: money, saving, investing, consumer spending, forms of business ownership, supply and demand, the stock market and a heavy emphasis on credit and taxes. The course is taught from a practical standpoint and is geared toward giving each student a background in economics for the college-bound student as well as an abundance of knowledge that students can use for the rest of their lives.

Accounting and Honors Accounting are offered as senior electives. In these classes, students are provided with a background in understanding the language of a business. Students acquire basic accounting skills such as: making a record of business transactions in a general journal, posting information to the ledger, preparing a trial balance, adjusting and closing entries, and preparing the various financial statements used in a business.

Name Position(s) Ext. Email Bio
Storino, Laura Teacher x243 bio_page

Computer Science

The Computer Science Program at St. Laurence High School is based on the concept that no two users are identical in terms of needs, skills, or interests. Our systems enable the beginner to learn without limiting the advanced student. Flexibility is at the heart of our program. This constantly requires us to commit to the renewal of our computer resources while challenging us to be fiscally responsible in the overall process. We believe that such costs are part of our institution’s basic educational infrastructure.

It is the goal of the Computer Science Department to ensure that all students achieve fundamental computer proficiency during their first school year here at St. Laurence. Our Computer Concepts and Applications (CCA) course exposes the student to data processing concepts, terminology, and common business application software packages as well as cultivating responsible Internet use and an understanding of programming principles. A hands-on approach is stressed.

Students interested in pursuing formal computer instruction further may choose to take Computer Science I / Interactive Computer Applications. This full year course expands upon selected topics from CCA and introduces the student to new areas of technology such as Computer Generated Imaging (CGI) and fractals while fostering an appreciation of where and how such technology has evolved.

For advanced computer students, we offer Honors Computer Science II that explores C++ Programming, Web Page Creation, networking fundamentals, and data structures over an entire school year. In addition, outside presenters regularly bring their unique expertise into play through special classroom presentations. Students who demonstrate exceptional abilities and go beyond our own high expectations during this course are offered the opportunity to take the Advanced Computer Applications class.

Whatever Computer Science course a student takes, the emphasis is on not only understanding, but also more importantly integrating such knowledge and skills relative to the real world. It is our sincere hope that students will come to more fully appreciate the long-term implications of technology’s impact on the human dynamic.

New in 2017, students can take an Introduction to Computer Science course through Lewis University that counts for three college credit hours.

Name Position(s) Ext. Email Bio
Wichert, Brian Teacher / IT Director x234 bio_page


It is the aim of the English department to teach students to read, write, speak, and think effectively. We do this by requiring four years of English at a minimum.

All of our English courses are tracked at an honors, academic, or basic level. It is important to realize that no student is locked into a track. Each year, at the time of registration, each student is reevaluated by his current English teacher and tracked for his next year based on his performance in his current English course. Additionally, at the time of registration, a parent can request that his or her son be placed into a particular track.

Freshman and sophomore English classes are general introductions to literature and language. The junior course is a survey of American literature. The senior course, also offered for A.P. credit, is a survey of British literature. Additionally, the English department sponsors a school-wide speech contest conducted in February involving every student in the building.

Regardless of what English course a student takes, the main emphasis of every course is on writing. We aim to prepare our students to write successfully on the college level. The student who knows how to write well has an advantage over everyone else, and we intend to make sure that every St. Laurence graduate has that advantage. Specifics regarding any particular course can be obtained by referring to the web page of the teacher currently teaching that course.

Name Position(s) Ext. Email Bio
Baldwin, Jenna Teacher x426 bio_page
Corbett, Michael Teacher x416 bio_page
Herman, Brian Teacher x429 bio_page
Koll, Matt Teacher x454 bio_page
Miller, Kathleen Teacher x458 bio_page
Rizzo, Aubrie Teacher x433 bio_page
Small, Melissa Teacher / Instructional Coach x263 bio_page
Wooley, Mary Teacher x461 bio_page
Walsh, Kerry Teacher x434 bio_page
Yopchick, Ellen Teacher x328 bio_page

Foreign Languages


St. Laurence High School requires a minimum of two consecutive years of study of a foreign language beginning freshman year. Freshman will begin 

their foreign language education with Spanish. Once students have completed their two year foreign language requirement in Spanish, students may

 continue with their Spanish education as many colleges and universities require more than two years of a foreign language. Overall, St. Laurence offers Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III, and Spanish IV with the potential for Spanish Language and Culture AP.

Students in each level of Spanish will complete a year-long StL STEM project that corresponds with the themes, topics, and language learned in Spanish class. Through their coursework and StL STEM projects, students will acquire language skills through reading, writing, speaking and listening in Spanish. Students will also be exposed to the target language culture and customs.

The StL STEM projects for each year of Spanish are as follows:

  • Spanish I: Design a Spanish summer camp for junior high students
  • Spanish II: Create, plan and implement a traditional kermés, or carnival, for the StL community
  • Spanish III: Research social justice issues in Latin America, provide solutions and bring awareness through art
  • Spanish IV: Design a proposal for a new residence floor for students from Latin America

After meeting the two year foreign language requirement, the St. Laurence High School Foreign Language Department also offers the potential for students to take Latin, French, or Mandarin as a foreign language.

Specifics regarding any of the courses or projects can be directed toward the Dean of Foreign Languages.

Name Position(s) Ext. Email Bio
Alonso, Jaime Teacher / Head Girls’ Soccer Coach x418 bio_page
Bugos, Jillian Teacher x437 bio_page
Biamonte, Jennifer Teacher / Instructional Coach x425 bio_page
Krause, Ana Teacher x456 bio_page
Love, Sister Deanna Teacher x470 bio_page
Razo, Viridiana Teacher x446 bio_page


The St. Laurence math department engages students in a collection of concepts and skills by approaching math through investigation, reasoning, visualization, and problem solving.

St. Laurence offers courses in Algebra 1, Geometry and Trigonometry, Algebra 2, Pre-calculus, AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC. Four years of math is required for graduation. The math department also features three math computer classrooms for exploration and demonstration of technological math skills.

St. Laurence also sports a math team which competes in state wide competitions throughout the academic year.

Name Position(s) Ext. Email Bio
Boekeloo, Kyle Teacher x326 bio_page
Czarniak, Renata Teacher x467 bio_page
Dorrance, Tom Teacher x445 bio_page
Russo, Joe Teacher x439 bio_page
Statkus, Theresa Teacher x463 bio_page
Tupas, Ian Teacher x431 bio_page
Walsh, Tracey Teacher x444 bio_page
Wisniowicz, Nadine Teacher x438 bio_page

Physical Education Department

The St. Laurence physical education department aims to promote life-long wellness practices through practical application of the techniques and strategies of sports and fitness. Students are exposed to the importance of regular exercise, nutrition, stress management, and other topics relevant to a healthy lifestyle.

The physical education department requires freshmen to take one semester of physical education and health. Weight training courses are also offered as electives during sophomore, junior and senior years.

The physical education department features a full size gymnasium, state of the art weight room, and athletic fields for the development of necessary fitness concepts and skills.

For specific information regarding a particular course, please refer to the web page of the teacher(s) currently teaching that course.

Name Position(s) Ext. Email Bio
Burt, Byron PE Teacher/Head Boys’ Basketball Coach x255 bio_page
Chandler, Tim Athletic Director x246 bio_page
Leshinske, Brad Director of Sport Performance bio_page
Kelly, Bob Athletic Facilities x242 bio_page
Reed, Darrell Physical Education Teacher x443 bio_page
Shimko, Alex Physical Education/Health Teacher x459 bio_page
Siple, Nik Assistant Athletic Director x241 bio_page
Sopko, Charley Physical Education/Health Teacher x407 bio_page
Tracy, Jim Assistant Athletic Director x443 bio_page


The St. Laurence science department offers a perspective of the world in terms of interaction and understanding and is committed to developing full understanding of the inquiry process, key concepts, and principals of life, physical, and earth sciences.

The units of study designed in each science course are planned and implemented with reference to the StL STEM Philosophy and the National Next Generation Science Standards. Students work in collaborative teams to solve scientific problems using a scientific approach that involves inquiry, background research, and development of their own experimentations to complete high-level formal project write-ups and presentations. With our extended learning period, students are enrolled in science courses to broaden their knowledge. Each course is coded for graduation, NCAA, or college admission credit.

St. Laurence offers core courses of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Anatomy and Physiology. Advanced placement courses are offered in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

Our science department is highly collaborative and we strive to maximize student potential. We attend national conferences and read professional science journals to remain relevant in this fast moving and exciting area of study.


Name Position(s) Ext. Email Bio
Gaichas, William Teacher / Sports Media x453 bio_page
Gattuso, Nick Teacher x441 bio_page
Glennon, Carlin Teacher x423 bio_page
Kilmer, Lucas Teacher x448 bio_page
Lotus, Peter Teacher / Director of Strategic Development x215 bio_page
Statkus, Theresa Teacher x463 bio_page
Samansky, Kristen Teacher x402 bio_page
Yuede, Nicole Teacher x430 bio_page
Zubi, Tala Teacher x441 bio_page

Social Studies


It is the intent of the Social Studies department to give our students a thorough understanding and appreciation of their heritage as Americans and as part of a larger diversified global community. We do this by requiring two years of Social Studies at a minimum.

All of our Social Studies courses are tracked at an honors, academic, or basic level. It is important to realize that no student is locked into a track. At the time of registration a student is tracked into a course based on his performance in the current academic year. Additionally, at the time of registration, a parent can request that his or her son be placed into a particular track.

Freshman year World History is required of all students and is offered on the honors, academic, or basic level. Junior Year U.S. History is required of all students and offered on the honors, academic, or basic level. This course is also available for A.P. credit. All other Social Studies courses are offered as electives. Modern European History is a sophomore honors course available for A.P. credit. Geography is offered to sophomores, juniors, and seniors at the academic level. Military History is offered to juniors and seniors for honors or academic credit. History of Chicago/Government is a senior academic level elective. And Sociology/Psychology is also a senior elective available on the academic or honors level.

Whatever Social Studies course a student takes, the emphasis of that course will be on the logic, the how and the why, of the historical events in that course. Our aim is to teach Social Studies as a dynamic progression of human endeavor that has resulted in the world we live in today. It is our belief that a thorough understanding of this progression will result in an educated young man who can more easily adjust to and accept the global society of the 21st century.

Specifics regarding any particular course can be obtained by referring to the web page of that teacher currently teaching that course.

Name Position(s) Ext. Email Bio
Crotty, Jonathan Teacher / Instructional Coach x259 bio_page
Dahm, Ben Teacher x455 bio_page
Hackett, Ryan Teacher x427 bio_page
Nissen, Adam Teacher x242 bio_page
Rezek, Tom Teacher x462 bio_page
Shimko, Alex Teacher x459 bio_page
Tuley, John Teacher x435 bio_page


More Than A Department … A Way Of Life

Whether we call it Religious Studies, Theology, or Christian Values, the idea is the same – learning and living the message of the Gospel. It must pervade every phase of school life, become a part of every activity and every class, and in some way, be brought into the home of every student and faculty member.

The Religion Program reflects the philosophy and traditions of the Congregation of Christian Brothers founded by Blessed Edmund Rice nearly two hundred years ago. Working on behalf of Christian parents, the religion teacher at St. Laurence, whether a Christian brother or a layperson, dedicates himself to the Christian formation of his students.

Christian Services

Campus Ministry

The school chaplain and the campus minister cooperate with area churches in making religion a focal point during the school day. One-day retreats are scheduled for all freshman and sophomores. Three day Kairos retreats are available for juniors and seniors. Spiritual counseling is provided for anyone wishing it. In short, campus ministry adds active participation in religion to the more reflective approach of the classroom.

Peer Ministry

This program enables juniors and seniors to put into practice the religious values they have been taught. By leading prayer services, acting as discussion leaders for the freshman and sophomore retreats, and serving their peers in a variety of ways, these young men make their faith come alive.

Liturgies and Services

Religion classes plan their own liturgy as part of the Class Mass program. Reconciliation Services are held in the chapel at announced times, especially during Lent and Advent. At these services, private confession is available. Each religion class usually participates in these services. Prayer Services, usually formed around the liturgical year, are held in the chapel at announced times. Students are often involved in the planning of these services.

Edmund Outreach

The Edmund Outreach program has three aspects to it. The first is a tutoring program in which students volunteer five sessions to tutor needful children at the St. Pius Youth Center in the Pilsen area. The second involves working Fridays, at the St. Pius Soup Kitchen, which serves poor and/or homeless people. Finally, several times a year St. Laurence students work at a homeless shelter at 53rd and Maplewood where they serve dinner, distribute clothes and other such duties, as well as socialize with the homeless.

Name Position(s) Ext. Email Bio
Alonso, Jaime Teacher / Head Girls’ Soccer Coach x418 bio_page
Baldwin, Laura Teacher x424 bio_page
Grannan, Jim Teacher x464 bio_page
Sajdak, Ed Director of Campus Ministry x229 bio_page
Siple, Nik Teacher x241 bio_page