Academics at St. Laurence are grounded in the StL STEM program, which places emphasis on Spirituality, Leadership, Science, Technology, English and Mathematics. Students are offered a balanced curriculum that hones in on their personal interests and strengths, and because of the responsive nature of the program, it equates to success for every student regardless of their varying needs. When students graduate from St. Laurence, they feel confident and ready to tackle everything from college and beyond. The O’Toole Academy, the Viking Program and the Viking Plus Program were specifically developed to guide students toward achieving their full potential.

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O’Toole Academy

The O’Toole Academy is a high honors academic program that is structured to prepare the gifted student to achieve his highest potential. Students are placed into this program by achieving high marks on the Placement Exam and are required to enroll in all Honors or AP level courses during their four years at St. Laurence.

Viking Program

The Viking Program is geared toward college-bound students. This program challenges students with a rigorous curriculum and provides movement into the O’Toole Program, giving them a firm foundation to succeed at some of the nation’s best colleges and universities.

Viking Plus Program

The Viking Plus Program caters to students who require special accommodations to prepare for college, placing students in smaller classrooms. Its ed-line grading system allows parents to monitor weekly progress and offers successful students the chance to move into the Viking Program when they are ready for a more rigorous curriculum.

97%The number of St. Laurence graduates who go on to college

14:1 Student to teacher ratio at St. Laurence.


In today’s technologically advanced world, there is an increasing need for students to gain critical thinking skills and an integrative understanding of subject areas, particularly science, mathematics, and technology. A major component of the StL STEM approach is the use of technology in the classroom. Students will use a wide range of resources, including computers and white boards, within their classes to help them experience the concepts they are learning. While using this technology within the classroom, students will also have the opportunity to demonstrate their work in innovative ways, including group projects and performances, allowing them further creativity and ownership of their work.
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