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Move Forward Together

St. Laurence opened its doors to female students in the 2017-18 school year. This page will help answer any questions in reference to our transition to a coed institution. Welcome!

St. Laurence’s Unique Model

Starting with the freshmen class in 2018-19, all future classes at St. Laurence will experience a unique learning model. During freshmen and sophomore years, students will have single gender classes. As juniors and seniors, classes will be fully coed-integrated.

Why this model?

This model allows students the ability to get comfortable with the high school classroom as underclassmen, while preparing for college and beyond as upperclassmen. The single gender environment in the first two years allows students to get acclimated to high school, an undoubtedly important time of transition for all students. In their junior and senior years, students will get a coed experience that mirrors college and the real world, where men and women work side-by-side.

What facility updates have been made to accommodate the girls?

We completely converted our E-Wing bathroom into a girls bathroom that is also connected to a shower room and locker room. We also repurposed extra rooms we had in our second floor area near the Leadership Center to coaches offices and changing rooms for the girls sports teams. We already had enough locker and classroom space to accommodate the female students.

This is all on top of our regular summer facility renovations, which include updating our classrooms for 21st century learning and beautifying the exterior of our building.

What girls sports do you offer?

We currently offer basketball, cross country, competitive dance, soccer, softball, tennis, track and field and volleyball. Girls are also invited to compete with the boys in golf and bowling. We chose these sports after surveying our female students to see what they would be interested in joining. You can find pages for all of our girls athletic teams here.

What activities do you offer?

We offer all of the same activities to our female students that we do to our male students. These include, but are not limited to, student council, National Honors Society, math team, scholastic bowl, Spanish club, yearbook and many more. In addition, at the request of our female students, we have made it a priority to add activities such as drama and environmental club and will continue to review new clubs based on demand. St. Laurence is proud to have 100% student participation in activities.

Questions about our transition? Ask us below!

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