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Defend the Glory Campaign Leadership



Joe Silich ’87 and Frank Tannura ’75 are Co-Chairs for Defend the Glory: the Campaign for St. Laurence. Both have been largely responsible for the focus, energy and success of the campaign to date.

Joe is currently an Executive Director at Morgan Stanley where he leads the Silich Group, a preeminent Wealth Advising Team. For the past twenty six years, he and his team have applied first-class knowledge and service in delivering and executing wealth management plans for high net worth individuals and families. Joe is actively involved in the community outside of St. Laurence and has served in roles for UNICEF, the DePaul University Finance Advisory Board and University Development Committee and the USO, among other groups. He received a B.S. in Finance from DePaul University.

Frank is an independent business advisor and private investor. He began his career with Price Waterhouse before spending twenty five plus years in the packaging industry. Frank served as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Ivex Packaging Corporation and Chief Executive Officer of Packaging Dynamics Corporation. Frank served on the Board of Directors at St. Laurence for nine years, four of which he was the Chair. He earned his BBA from Loyola University of Chicago, and later received his MBA through the EMBA Program at University of Texas.

We would also like to thank the members of our Campaign Cabinet who have worked tirelessly to ensure that our dreams become a reality.

  • Joe Beatty ‘81

    Pat Cooke ‘85

    Brian Dowling ‘80

    Brian Hynes

    Rob Junkroski ’82

  • Garry Kelly ‘65

    Dan McCarthy ‘84

    Joe McInerney ‘81

    Robert Musur ‘70

    Bruce Nawara ‘75

  • Jim Roach ‘83

    George Ruebenson ‘66

    George Scanlon ’75

    Joseph Silich ‘87

    Stan Sterna ‘83

    Frank Tannura ‘75