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Frequently Asked Questions

Picking a high school shouldn’t be difficult! See some frequently asked questions regarding the admissions process that will help you make your decision.

Entrance Exam
When is the Entrance Exam?
The Entrance Exam for Catholic high schools in Chicago is December 2, 2017. St. Laurence’s starts at 8 am, and students must bring a $25 testing fee and no. 2 pencils.

Do I have to go to the school where I take the Entrance Exam?
You do not have to attend the school that you test at, however there are advantages. At St. Laurence, only students who take the test at St. Laurence are eligible for the academic scholarships that St. Laurence offers.

If I test at a different school, can I transfer my score to St. Laurence?
Yes, St. Laurence accepts transfers after a review of each student. To receive any academic scholarships, however, a student must test at St. Laurence.

What if I miss the Entrance Exam?
We will be announcing a make up exam at a later date.

When are acceptance letters sent?
We will announce this at a later date.

Why do you give the archdiocese test and not create your own test?
We give the Archdiocese test to create uniformity across schools in the counsel. If a student transfers their scores over from another school that uses the archdiocese test, it allows us to place that student in the academic track that fits him best, because we can compare it to similar students who tested at St. Laurence.

Financial Aid
How and when do I apply for financial aid?
Applications for need-based financial aid are distributed at registration, which is held on March 4. Fill out all paperwork and provide the necessary documentation to St. Laurence to begin the review process. For any specific questions about financial aid, please contact Joe Spano at

When do I find out what financial aid I receive?
Families are notified of their merit-based financial aid and scholarship amounts in their acceptance letter.

What is financial aid based on?
At St. Laurence, we provide financial aid based on merit or need.

If I do not test at St. Laurence, can I still receive financial aid?
If you qualify for need-based financial aid, you are eligible to receive it from St. Laurence, even if you did not take the test here. To receive merit-based financial aid, however, you must take the entrance exam at St. Laurence.

What scholarships do you offer?
St. Laurence offers 11 different merit-based financial aid opportunities and named scholarships. We also recognize LINK Unlimited, Big Shoulders, Daniel Murphy Scholarship, HighSight Scholars and HFS Chicago Scholars. See the full list here.

What is the average aid you provide to families?
On average, families received $2,000 in financial aid.

How long is financial aid awarded?
Need-based financial aid is renewed every year. Select named scholarships last the students’ entire four years and are renewable.

Why do some schools only offer financial aid for one year?
By only offering financial aid for the first year, other schools place a burden on families who rely on that aid for all four years. St. Laurence provides financial aid plans that last all four years so that families know what they will be paying.

What other costs are required throughout the year?
We have a $280 registration fee.

What is the best way to get to know a school?
The first thing you should do is sign up for a school’s mailing list. This will allow them to send you mail and emails regarding events, initiatives and other information regarding admissions. You can sign up for St. Laurence’s mailing list here.

The best way for students to get to know a school is by shadowing. This allows students to walk the halls, sit in classes and learn about the academic programs, students and faculty. Interested in shadowing at St. Laurence? Schedule a Viking Visit here.

The best way for parents to get information about a school is at Open House. Open Houses provide prospective families tours of the school, often led by students, faculty and current families. While St. Laurence’s Open Houses passed, feel free to email Director of Admissions Joe Spano at to set up a personal tour of the school.

Why should I choose St. Laurence?
There are many reasons why prospective families should choose St. Laurence. Foremost, however, is the fact that our students enjoy our StL STEM philosophy and project-based learning, led by our dedicated faculty. Some other reasons include, but are not limited to:
• An affordable tuition that provides added value for our students
• A strong focus on leadership development that provides multiple opportunities for students to prepare for the real world
• An education rooted in the Essential Elements of an Edmund Rice Christian Brothers Education
• Competitive athletic teams led by an excellent coaching staff

Why are you not going selective?
Our focus is on developing the whole person. We have created a curriculum with academic programs that allows for positive progress across a student’s four years.

One of the Essential Elements of a Christian Brothers Education is to “Pursue Excellence in All Endeavors.” We continually challenge our faculty to design a curriculum around project-based learning that brings out the best in all students – regardless of their educational background.

What are the benefits of maintaining an open enrollment?
An open enrollment leads to diversity among our students, which we value incredibly. Our diversity allows our students to be surrounded by a wide range of backgrounds – cultural, educational, socio-economic, etc. This diversity reflects the real world and helps our students become leaders who know how to solve problems and work with others.

In the end, we want to create a home that caters to all students.

What is the cost of tuition?
Tuition for the 2018-19 school year is $10,250.

Why is St. Laurence able to keep costs so low compared to other Catholic schools?
Another Essential Element is to “Stand in Solidarity with those Marginalized by Poverty and Injustice.” With that in mind, we prioritize keeping a quality education as affordable as possible, regardless of a family’s financial situation. This mentality, teamed with a disciplined spending strategy and a generous alumni base, allows us to offer one of the most affordable tuitions among Catholic schools in the area.

Additionally, we are currently in the midst of a $5 million capital campaign that will allow us to focus on the heart of the school: families, faculty and our building.

What are your demographics?
St. Laurence is 55% white, 33% Hispanic and 11% African-American

When is registration?
We will announce registration for the Class of 2022 at a later date.