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merrigNick Meriggioli ’81 is the CEO of Johnsonville Sausage with many years of experience in marketing and management. Prior to working for Johnsonville, Nick held high level positions for Kraft Foods. Nick will be inducted into the St. Laurence Hall of Fame as President of the Year at this year’s Viking Pride Dinner. You can purchase tickets for the event here.

STL: What drew you to your profession?
Nick Meriggioli (NM): I became interested in business because it was the profession that most resembled playing on a sports team. In my experience, business is like competitive team sports because: you are competing versus other businesses in your industry to capture a larger share of the market; you are working together as a team to accomplish your goals; and, you regularly measure and train to improve your individual and team performance.

STL: How does leadership come into play in your day-to-day responsibilities?
NM: I focus on becoming a better leader everyday. Being a great coach or leader is not easy. It takes hard work and practice like anything else you want to become good at doing. In my role as CEO, my primary leadership responsibility is to define the future direction that we want to take on our business and to provide the resources and/or remove the barriers for my team to ensure that they can successfully deliver on our plan. I also look for opportunities to teach, to acknowledge and to celebrate everyday.

STL: How did St. Laurence prepare you for your career?
NM: St. Laurence provided the structure and discipline that I needed early in my life.

STL: What activities were you involved in at St. Laurence?
NM: I played basketball for four years.
NM: Set ambitious goals for yourself and learn something new everyday. The most rewarding paths are the ones with a prize at the end, even if that road splits or becomes a mountain.