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This story is part of St. Laurence’s new online series, The Campaign Corner. Defend the Glory: The Campaign for St. Laurence is the largest capital campaign in school history. The fundraising initiative aims to raise $2.5 million for student aid, $1.5 million for faculty excellence and $1 million for technology and facility improvements. The Campaign Corner brings together stories and updates focused on the three main beneficiaries of our capital campaign: students, faculty and facilities. If you are interested in donating to the campaign, please visit

After 15 years at St. Laurence, baseball coach Pete Lotus ‘94 has made quite a name for himself on the baseball field. Over 300 career wins, 4 Lawless Awards, back-to-back Sectional Championships in 2016 and 2017 and a third place finish in state this past season are just a few of his noteworthy successes in his 13 seasons as the team’s head coach.

But just as Lotus has helped build a winning team on the diamond, he’s had a major hand in the success of St. Laurence’s faculty as the director of coaching and training. In the position, he is tasked with keeping STL on the forefront of modern education.

“With the implementation of our StL STEM project-based curriculum, my role has been to coach teachers on both the development and the execution of project-based lesson plans and projects,” said Lotus. “Bringing the application of the classroom material to life through our curriculum has been a challenging but worthwhile experience. Our wonderful faculty has accepted all the challenges of producing a new and innovative curriculum.”

For all of the progress St. Laurence has made in recent years, Lotus knows that even more exciting opportunities are on the horizon that make him eager for the school’s future. Namely, he points out how Defend the Glory: the Campaign for St. Laurence can truly take the school to the next level.

“One of the biggest changes that we have seen with the new curriculum is the shift in resources needed to provide a new and innovative classroom experience for our students” said Lotus. “Campaign dollars will allow us to have both state of the art equipment to work with and the ability to provide experiences for our teachers that will continue to help us grow as a school. These experiences that we can provide will separate us from all other high schools.”

With $1.5 million benefiting faculty excellence and an additional $1 million benefiting technology and facilities, the opportunities named by Lotus will soon become a reality. As a result, Vikings of today and tomorrow will be more ready than ever for the 21st century workforce.