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Campaign leaders Frank Tannura ’75 and Joe Silich ’87 discuss their commitment to Defend the Glory: the Campaign for St. Laurence. Defend the Glory: The Campaign for St. Laurence is the largest capital campaign in school history. The fundraising initiative aims to raise $2.5 million for student aid, $1.5 million for faculty excellence and $1 million for technology and facility improvements. If you are interested in donating to the campaign, please visit This story also appears in the Fall 2017 edition of Vision, St. Laurence’s alumni magazine.

Q: Why did you agree to take on a leadership role for St. Laurence and the Defend the Glory campaign?

Frank Tannura: I agreed to assume a leadership role in the campaign for two reasons. First, I believe deeply that the resources provided by the campaign will fundamentally impact the educational experience provided to thousands of Vikings for years to come. And second, Joe Martinez asked me to do it! Joe is leading the St. Laurence community through transformational change in challenging times. I will do everything I can to support Joe and the team’s efforts.

Q: How has St. Laurence evolved from your time as student?

Frank Tannura: St. Laurence has evolved as the community and world around it has evolved. The school is much more diverse than in the mid-70’s and is now even co-ed. While STL has certainly changed significantly since my high school years, many things have remained the same. The school community continues to provide a safe, nurturing and challenging environment to students from a variety of neighborhoods and backgrounds. For the past six decades, STL has developed strong leaders who have enjoyed success in a wide range of professional endeavors and will continue to do so for decades to come.

Q: What lesson did you take away from STL that remains with you?

Frank Tannura: Probably most importantly, my years at STL grounded in me the importance of a strong and consistent moral compass. While I was first taught to live my life as a Christian and to always “do the right thing” by my parents, my Viking years certainly reinforced these values which have been extremely important to my personal, professional and family life. Another life lesson learned at STL was the importance of attempting to pursue excellence in all that I do. Life can be challenging and the commitment to excellence has provided rewards that certainly have provided a more meaningful life for my family and me.

Q: Why is STL important today?

Joe Silich: STL defines and ignites in students an attitude that the pursuit of excellence is not only attainable, but expected. From the gym to the classroom, the computer lab to the athletic field, in the community and at home – we call our students, parents, faculty, and staff to a consistent pursuit of this excellence. As each student is encouraged throughout this pursuit, the goal has always been to develop and prepare our future leaders. No matter where our students go or who they aspire to be, they will understand the meaning of excellence and what it takes to attain it, ultimately fostering a platform used to guide, influence, and lead those around them. The world can be a very tough place, but the skills required to thrive are grounded in what St Laurence teaches every day.

Q: What would you say to someone who is considering a financial investment in St. Laurence and the Defend the Glory campaign?

Joe Silich: An investment in St. Laurence and the Defend the Glory campaign is a decision made in the best interest of our future students. Our school, our campaign, and our faculty are committed to helping students succeed academically, socially, and athletically while developing leadership skills in young adults. Being student-centric is the foundation of our culture. We are able to champion this culture by prioritizing programs and policies that foster an educational environment and support our student’s pursuit of excellence.