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Please find the schedule for the remainder of leadership week below.

Tuesday –
7:57 All students report to their Team of Teams.
2:33 Dismissal

Wednesday –
8:40 All students Report to Team of Teams
2:27 Dismissal

Thursday –
7:57 All Students report to Team of Teams
2:33 Dismissal

All students on the 12 teams who are pitching their product to the Sharks must report to the LRC at 8:00 am.

Students who are not on one of the 12 teams will be going through the following class schedule.

A Period 8:00-8:20
B Period 8:23-8:43
C Period 8:46-9:06
D Period 9:09-9:29
E Period 9:32-9:52
F Period 9:55-10:15 (No Lunch Served)
G Period 10:18-10:38 (No Lunch Served)
H Period 10:41-11:01 (No Lunch Served)
I Period 11:04-11:24 (No Lunch Served)
J Period 11:27-11:47
Assembly 11:55-12:15

No Lunches will be served – Students may bring a lunch.