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Hello families,
As we head into the new school year, we want to thank you once again for your unwavering support. These past few months have been exciting as we prepare to reopen the school, and because of our dedicated families, faculty and staff, we are ready to make this another memorable year. The buzz during teacher meetings this week was palpable, and we cannot wait to see our students again.
The reason we have been so successful since the beginning of the pandemic is because our entire community has been adaptable and resilient. As we move forward together, we encourage you to remain patient, flexible and understanding. There will be learning moments for everyone involved, however we are prepared to be proactive. As always, we will be open and transparent, and tackle whatever challenges may come our way.
Below, please find another round of updates for the beginning of the school year.
Previous updates with descriptions of information included:
8/7/2020 (Class schedules, uniform/spirit shop information, supply list and appointment scheduling)
7/31/2020 (School schedule, calendar, arrival/dismissal procedures, mask policy, lockers/bookbags, lunch and breakfast, bathrooms, visitors, student travel, books and transportation)
7/24/2020 (Explanation of hybrid model and Viking Black/Viking Gold groupings)
Hybrid Overview
Here are some of the things we have been able to achieve with our hybrid model:
  • Students will receive in-person instruction from their teachers 5 out of every 10 days.
  • Each wing is dedicated to a specific grade. As such, we will be able to trace and isolate more easily in the result of a positive case of COVID-19. It also allows us to transition to full in-person attendance via the cohort model more easily, once this is appropriate.
  • Students have been divided into four different lunch periods by grade level.
  • Classes will be 40 minutes long with 8 minutes between classes for sanitization, and also to allow students safe and distanced movement between classrooms.
Facility Cleaning
Students will disinfect their desks after each class period.  Cleaning and sanitizing in common areas such as restrooms, fitness center and cafeteria will take place several times throughout the school day with a full building sanitation occurring each night.
Four Victory Electrostatic sprayers have been purchased that will emit a disinfectant spray on all flat surfaces including but not limited to: desks, doorknobs, light switches, sinks, faucets and more. In addition, Marvalosa EPA approved products will be used as part of the Archdiocese approved cleaning program.
Additional Safety Precautions
In addition to the cleaning protocol, many safety measures have been implemented including:
  • Hand sanitizer in all classrooms and throughout the building
  • Disinfectant spray in all classrooms
  • Directional decals applied to the floors to keep traffic flow moving in the proper direction
  • Additional signage has been added throughout the building to help our students to keep safety in the forefront of their mind. These signs include mask reminders, 20 second hand washing reminders, spacial signage to show the 6 foot distance and more.
  • Plexiglass safety barriers have been added in the Spirit Shop, cafeteria and main office.
Student Parking Information and Traffic Flow
You can find our parking and traffic flow diagram here. Student parking information will be distributed by the deans during orientation. Until then, students who are driving are able to park anywhere in the parking lot that is within their grade’s designated area, as shown in the diagram.
Orientation Updates and Reminders
Orientation will serve as a trial run for the above arrival procedures. We are asking all parents to stay in their cars upon dropping their child off and take all first day of school photos at home. This is to ensure that we are maintaining physical distance and controlling the crowd. If you’d like, you are more than welcome to come take pictures during off hours or on weekends around the outside of the building.
Parents can pick up their students after orientation in the main parking lot.
All new procedures and policies will be presented to students at orientation.
Here is a reminder of details for orientation:
  • Students can wear Spirit Day attire for orientation
  • Lunch will not be served on orientation days
  • Students should bring their iPads, paper towels, masks and headphones to orientation
As a reminder, here is the orientation schedule:
Monday, August 17th
Freshman Orientation
Viking Black 9am-12:30pm
Tuesday, August 18th
Freshman Orientation
Viking Gold 9am-12:30pm
Wednesday, August 19th
Sophomore Orientation
Viking Black 9am-11am
Viking Gold 12pm-2pm
Thursday, August 20th
Junior Orientation
Viking Black 9am-11am
Viking Gold 12pm-2pm
Friday, August 21st
Senior Orientation
Viking Black 8:30am-10am
Viking Gold 11am-12:30pm
Supplies Needs
In addition to the iPad, mask and paper towels, all students must also have a set of headphones they can connect to their iPads beginning on orientation day.
Morning Health Self Checks
Prior to arriving at school students will be required to complete an at-home temperature check and symptom evaluation and complete the Daily Check-In form that will be sent each morning to their STL email address. This Daily Check-In form will start being sent the week of 8/24.
Schedules and Groupings
If you have not yet received your schedule or Viking Black/Viking Gold grouping, please contact Mr. Clemens at
Routes are being finalized and you will receive a communication with pickup locations and times early next week. Service will begin on Monday, August 24.