Posted on August 22, 2018 · Posted in Academic News, Alumni News, Athletic News, General, News, Press Release

St. Laurence High School is excited to enter a new era in the history of the school with cutting-edge branding.

Building on the transformative Catholic environment that has been forged over the last 57 years, the school’s new and updated logos are a true reflection of the progress STL has made to date, and the trajectory it possesses for the future. Utilizing the input of students, staff, alumni and board members, the branding has taken nearly two years of research, planning and development to come to fruition. A special thanks is in order for John Geletka ’99, who helped lead this re-brand with the school’s leadership team.

The brand was released to the students in an all-school assembly on Wednesday, August 22.

A centerpiece of the release is the school’s new main logo. The shield is representative of the school’s Viking identity – just as a shield defends in battle, it represents our commitment to Defending the Glory, one of the key lines of the St. Laurence fight song.

The chevrons – which are military symbols of rank, honor and achievement – each have special meanings, representing one of the core values of a St. Laurence student.

The first is Compassion. As Vikings, we stand up for what is right. We respond with patience, perseverance, and kindness in order to maintain a positive culture.

Next is Courage. We remain brave and confront uncertainty while challenging the status quo. We are always prepared and ready to learn from our failures.

The third chevron represents Excellence. We always set out to achieve the highest recognition. Our only expectation is to pursue excellence in all endeavors, which requires consistent dedication to the mission.

The final core value, Community, is represented by the shield in its entirety. It is a symbol of responsible leadership and duty to those around us. We protect each other, share a common understanding and remain unified. We embrace diversity and stand together no matter the circumstances. Just as the shield is an integral part of our identity, our community is a crucial part of what it means to be a Viking.

So far, there have been plenty of updates to the school to reflect the new branding. The biggest has been the replacement of signage at the school’s north entrance.

Additionally, the school introduced updated logos for the STL monogram and the St. Laurence crest.

The school also released not one, but TWO new mascots – one male and one female, to show inclusivity with our new coeducational model. The male mascot will keep the name of Igor, while students will be voting on the name of the female mascot.

Finally, the school is excited to share its admissions video for the 2018-19 school year. This is the first admissions video since going coed. It was produced by alum Sal Marquez ’10.