Posted on February 8, 2018 ยท Posted in News

Due to the inclement weather for tomorrow, there will be no school.
Tomorrow will be a Tech Day for all students. This means that the building will be closed and in order to earn an official school day, students must complete and electronically submit an assignment for all classes from home. Below you will find our Tech Day guidelines each student must adhere. In addition to this email, we have announced to students that we will be having a tech day and provided instructions over the PA and to you through, voicemail, email and text.

Tech Day Guidelines
All teachers will post an assignment to Google Classroom by 8:00 AM Friday, February 9.
Assignment will be equivalent to a class session.
Each student is to complete and submit each assignment to Google classroom according to each teacher’s due date.
Assignment will be graded and recorded into Plus Portals.
If you have any questions about the assignment, contact the teacher.

ACT Prep Class
Tomorrow’s ACT Prep Class is canceled. All junior students taking the ACT Prep Class will begin our ACT Prep Class with test one next Friday, February 16.