Posted on March 15, 2018 · Posted in General, News, Press Release

St. Laurence High School raised over $8,000 by selling special St. Patrick’s Day shirts, with proceeds going to the Paul Bauer Memorial Fund. The fund benefits the family of fallen Chicago Police Commander Paul Bauer, who tragically lost his life on February 13.

“For years, our school has served countless police and firefighter families, and many of our alumni have moved on to become first responders,” said St. Laurence High School President Joe Martinez. “This cause resonates with so many of our students, families and alumni, and we are happy to have a small part in helping the Bauer family. We are proud of the outpouring of support that the St. Laurence community displayed over the past few weeks.”

St. Laurence was able to sell nearly 700 shirts in just three days. Students proudly wore the shirts as they marched in the South Side Irish Parade on March 11.

“The Chicago Police Memorial Foundation is grateful for the love and support shown by the citizens of Chicago after this tragedy. We are especially touched by the efforts of the students at St. Laurence who banded together to help raise funds for the Bauer family,” said Chicago Police Memorial Foundation Director of Operations Frank Gross. “As Mrs. Erin Bauer said in her thank you letter to the city, ‘One man almost stole my faith in humanity, but the City of Chicago and the rest of the nation restored it and I want to thank you for that.’ The students at St. Laurence are another example of ‘The good people in this world far outnumber the bad.’”