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The Vike Hike Goal
The St. Laurence Vike Hike strives to connect teamwork with partnership and encourages students to step outside of their comfort zone in order to better the StL community. While the strategy for fundraising changes, our commitment to setting an attainable and victorious goal remains. The 2019 Vike Hike fundraising school-wide goal is set at $50,000!

Reaching the Goal
All students are encouraged to contribute to the $50,000 goal alongside their peers, teachers, family, and friends. This year, your hard work and dedication to StL will be rewarded! IF the StL community reaches the school-wide $50,000 goal, all students and faculty will be given an 11:00am dismissal on Friday, October 4th!

About the Hike
The St. Laurence Vike Hike is an annual, student-driven fundraiser dedicated to helping St. Laurence serve excellence to our students, faculty, and StL community. This year, Vike Hike is taking place in our own backyard! Students will work with local businesses in addition to family and friends to assist in fundraising efforts. Our celebratory Hike will take place locally as we kick off the walkathon on 77th and Central Avenue on Wednesday, October 2nd.

Where Teamwork Begins
Students will work alongside their Team of Teams to raise a team fundraising goal of $1,500. If all teams work together to achieve their goals, St. Laurence will be able to reach the Vike Hike goal. Students can contribute their individual $75 fundraising goal to their Team of Teams goal. The leading Team of Team fundraisers will receive priority walking privileges and special field trip experiences. All participating students will receive raffle tickets dedicated to special drawings throughout Homecoming Week!

Student Details
Students will collect donations individually and with their Team of Teams. All funds raised will be collected within a sealed Vike Hike envelope and dropped off in the main office. This year, all St. Laurence students will participate in the annual Vike Hike walk! Students will be dismissed at 12:00PM after the Hike and a complimentary lunch. Students may wear their StL spiritwear. This includes the 2019 Homecoming t-shirt and sweatpants!

Vike Hike Individual Fundraising Goal
Students are encouraged to raise $75 each for the 2019 Vike Hike. Students will receive a raffle ticket in exchange for their fundraising efforts. The more you raise, the higher chance of winning!
$75 = 1 Raffle Ticket
$100 = 2 Raffle Tickets
$125 = 3 Raffle Tickets
*Additional raffle tickets will be provided for every $25 raised

TEAM OF TEAMS Fundraising Goal
Each Team of Teams will be working together to raise $1,500. This can be done by the individual student fundraising of $75 a student and by reaching out to local businesses for sponsorships. The 3 top fundraising Team of Teams will win special Field Trip experiences throughout October! Stay tuned for more info in your Team of Teams!