Posted on February 12, 2013 · Posted in News

By Marco Rodriguez, Class of 2013

Monday, February 4th kicked off Vocation Week here at St. Laurence. Vocation week is a week in which students reflect on their future, especially the future that God intends them to have. The week included a mass said by St. Laurence alumnus Fr. Matthew O’Donnell. Fr. O’Donnell brought a passionate energy to his sermon, asking the students to heed God’s calling to serve humanity.  The students enjoyed Fr. Matthew O’Donnell’s unorthodox approach to giving homilies, as he went as far as standing in the bleachers amongst the students to emphasize his important advice. The week also included an information session concerning the priesthood held during the students’ religion classes. In this session, students learned the necessary steps to become a priest, the importance of priests in the community, and debunked common myths about priests. Overall, the week motivated students to consider what God’s intentions for them might be.

Pictured are Mark Milavickus (class of 2013), Mr. Nick Kostyk (class of 2003), Fr. Matt O’Donnell (class of 2004), and Anthony Capparelli (class of 2013).