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Principal Job Description

St. Laurence High School will begin the search for its next principal following the official announcement that current Principal Jim Muting ’73 will be retiring effective July 1, 2021, following the 2020-21 school year. The new Principal will work alongside Principal Muting during the 2020-21 school year to allow a full year transition.

The Principal is responsible for the continuing Catholic faith formation of the faculty and the students, the School’s educational and co-curricular programs and managing the day-to-day operations of the school. The Principal is hired by the President and is directly responsible to the President for administering the educational and co-curricular programs of the School in a manner consistent with the School’s mission and philosophy as an Edmund Rice Christian Brother School in accordance with policies established by the Christian Brothers, the School and the School’s Board of Directors.

The Principal is the educational, instructional and spiritual leader of the school and officially represents the school with educational authority including the Archdiocese Office for Catholic Schools, the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers, the Chicago Catholic League, the Girls Chicago Athletic Conference, the Illinois High School Association and the Illinois School Board of Education.

The Principal will help establish the vision of learning. The Principal will partner with the President in cultivating and leveraging key relationships and partnerships and embrace the Essential Elements of an Edmund Rice Christian Brother School within and outside the school with the goal of making education at the school sustainable. It is the Principal’s duty to keep the President and the Board informed at all times of the current status of the school and to work cooperatively with the President and the Board in the development of school priorities. In the absence of the President, the Principal is in charge of the school.

Direct reports to the Principal include Assistant Principal of Student Services, Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction, Director of Strategic Development and the Director of Mission and Leadership Integration.

Specifically the Principal will:

  1. Give clear educational, faith and moral leadership to fulfill the mission of the school by regularly holding faculty meetings, speaking to students and parents and communicating with the school’s constituencies about the mission, values, culture, goals and expectations of the school as a Catholic, co-educational institution in the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice.
  2. Regularly meet with the President and report to the Board on matters requiring their attention.
  3. Assign administrative and teaching duties, and provide for supervision, job descriptions and annual evaluation procedures for all employees that report to the Principal.
  4. Supervise the successful completion of school accreditations.
  5. Direct and approve ongoing professional development of the faculty and staff.
  6. Attract and retain high quality employees dedicated to the mission. Appropriately hire and dismiss all employees reporting to the Principal, with the consent of the school’s President.
  7. Delegate responsibilities appropriately and appoint committees and councils to advise and assist in achieving the educational mission of the school.
  8. Approve the school’s educational philosophy, curriculum design, academic programming, master schedule, annual calendar and daily schedule, as well as coordinate the scheduling of all school-related activities.
  9. Work with the President to develop and monitor fiscal control over the budget for staff development, school administration, staff employment, co-curricula’s and academic departments.
  10. Supervise and maintain a sound disciplinary system to ensure an appropriate educational climate.
  11. Assure representation for the school in designated school functions relating to the educational community and project a positive image of the school in the community.
  12. Coordinate and supervise all state and federally funded school programs.
  13. In partnership with administrative leadership, make decisions in the admission, retention and dismissal of students in accordance with the school’s policies and procedures.
  14. Participate in leadership activities including those of the Archdiocese Office for Catholic Schools, Edmund Rice Christian Brothers, the Chicago Catholic League, the Girls Chicago Athletic Conference, the Illinois High School Association and the Illinois State Board of Education.
  15. Be available, accessible and effective in communications with parents, students and the broad constituency of the school.
  16. Supervise and meet regularly with the student services team, leadership team and academic team.
  17. Develop, maintain and approve all school-related handbooks in conjunction with the President.
  18. Perform other duties as assigned by the President appropriate to the position of Principal.
  19. Conduct academic data analysis in order to assess progress, develop priorities and create a shared understanding.
  20. Participate in all strategic planning for the school, specifically leading all academic growth and student success.
  21. Ensure school safety and security via strong relationships with local law enforcement and thorough preparedness with regular fire and lockdown drills.
  22. Foster a “family” environment where faculty, staff, students, parents and siblings feel a strong connection to the school.

In order to successfully execute on the critical roles and responsibilities, the School is seeking candidates that have the following demonstrated qualifications and experiences:

  • Type 75/State Administration/Principal Certification required
  • Master’s/Doctorate preferred
  • Ten years in the field of education that includes successful teaching experience
  • Familiarity with Project-Based Learning, STEM Curriculum, International Baccalaureate World Schools and e-learning
  • Driven by the values of: Compassion, Courage, Excellence, Community
    -Appreciative, Adaptable, Trustworthy to all constituents, including students
  • Strong interpersonal skills with a positive, approachable attitude and a willingness to connect and build relationships with all constituents
  • Goal-oriented and team-driven individual with a proven track record of achieving results
  • Decisive decision maker with experience using data and analytics to drive outcomes
  • Lifelong learner

A successful candidate understands the following challenges in 21st century education:

  • Communication and Collaboration – ability to have difficult conversations
  • Student Outcomes – increase college acceptances, achievement scores/merit and scholarships
  • Faculty Evaluations- allow teachers to take on leadership roles and develop appropriate professional development
  • Diversity- the importance of maintaining a diverse faculty, staff and student body

A successful candidate also understands what makes St. Laurence unique:

  • The family-based culture
  • The impact of local parishes, schools and the Archdiocese of Chicago on the recruitment model
  • The mission of a St. Laurence student in society

Interested candidates can visit to learn more about this opportunity. All applicants are required to send a letter of interest and Vitae to Dr. Patrick Callaghan at

If you know someone that might be a candidate for this position, please send the rationale and contact information to Dr. Callaghan at the email above.

St. Laurence is an Equal Opportunity Employer