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Below you can find the calendar for the 2019-20 school year. The website’s calendar will be updated soon, until then please use this as a resource for key dates. Please note that event dates and times are subject to change, and any changes will be communicated. Bolded dates indicate days off and tech days.

August 8 Schedule Pick up and Spirit Shop Open—8:00-1:00 PM & 6:00-7:30 PM
August 15 Fall Sports Orientation Night—7:00 PM
August 18 Class of 2023 Family BBQ, Orientation and Mass—10:30 AM
August 19 Freshmen Only— Orientation/Irons Oaks—8:30-3:00 PM
August 20 Freshmen Only— Orientation/Irons Oaks—8:30-3:00 PM
August 21 First day of school for all students —8:30-3:00 PM
August 28 Back to School Night—7:15 PM; Sports Orientation for Freshmen/Transfer students – 6:30 PM

September 2 No Classes
September 7 ACT test
September 17 Young Hearts for Life Assembly—9:30 AM
September 18 Personal Tour Night
September 19 Parent Club Meeting—7:00 PM—Young Hearts for Life
September 25 Junior/Senior College Recruiting Night for Student-Athletes 7:00 PM—Cafeteria
September 26 Grandparent Day—8:00-10:00 AM

October 2 Vike Hike
October 3 Young Hearts for Life Day
October 4 Edmund Rice Mass
October 6 Open House—10:00-12:00 PM
October 7 Tech Day
October 11 Viking Visit
October 14 Viking Visit
October 16 Testing Day—8:00-12:00 PM—Regular Start; College Visit Day for Seniors
October 17 Parent Club Meeting
October 19 Craft Show
October 21 Red Ribbon Week
October 23 Junior Ring Ceremony—7:00 PM
October 24 Personal Tour Night
October 26 ACT Test
October 29-November 1 Kairos Retreat

November 1 All Saints Day Mass
November 4 Tech Day
November 5-7 Essential Elements visit
November 10 Fall Sports Banquet—5:00 PM
November 11 Veteran’s Breakfast—8:00-10:00 AM
November 13 Laurence Awards; Bring Parent to School Day—8:00 AM—10:00 AM; Winter Sports Orientation—7:00 PM
November 26 Parent/teacher Conferences—2:00-5:00/6:00-8:00 PM– Noon dismissal
November 27-29 Thanksgiving Break—No classes

December 4 Personal Tour Night
December 7 Placement Test for class of 2024
December 17-20 Semester Exams—8:30 AM-12:00 PM
December 19 Parent Club Christmas Party—7:00 PM
December 23-Jan. 6 Christmas Break—No Classes

January 6 In-service—No Classes

January 7 Classes resume
January 19 Fathers’ Club AFC/NFC Party—12:00-9:00 PM
January 20 No Classes
January 25 Mothers’ Club Trivia Night –6:00-11:00 PM

February 3 No Classes
February 4 Tech Day
February 8 ACT test—8:00 AM
February 9 Mother/Daughter Mass and Luncheon at 10:00 AM
February 13 Freshman/Sophomore College Recruiting Night for Student-Athletes 7:00 PM-Cafeteria
February 15 Class of 2024 registration
February 17 Viking Visit
February 20 Parent meeting for class of 2024
February 26 Ash Wednesday—Prayer Service

March 1 Super Bingo—12:00
March 2 Tech Day
March 3-6 Kairos retreat
March 12 Spring Sport Orientation—7:00 PM
March 15 Winter Sport Banquet at 5:00 PM
March 20 No Classes
March 23 No Classes

March 26 Parent Club Meeting—7:00
March 27 Father/Daughter Dance
March 28 Mother/Son Dance
March 30 NHS Induction—7:00 PM

April 1 Senior service hours due
April 4 Final Four event—4:00-12:00 AM
April 11 ACT—8:00 AM
April 6-April 15 Easter Break—No classes
April 26 Freshman, Sophomore, Junior Recognition day—10:00 AM; Mass—11:00 AM; Senior Mandatory Meeting and Awards Day—12:00 PM
April 30 Galleria Night—7:00 PM

May 1 Senior Prom/Edmund Rice Mass—Noon Dismissal—Subject to change
May 11-13 Senior Exams
May 15 Kermes
May 17 Baccalaureate mass/Graduation—10:00 AM
May 26-May 29 Final Exams

June 10 Spring Sport Banquet—6:00 PM