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We’ve been busy planning ever since our coed announcement and want to continue to maintain open lines of communication with our new families. As such, St. Laurence is excited to share updates on our athletic plans for female students next year!  If you have any questions on the plans or would like clarification, please contact St. Laurence athletic director Tim Chandler at 708-458-6900 x246 or

Offerings Updates

    • Laurence looks forward to offering as many sports as we are able to based on interest. This includes all sports currently offered by Queen of Peace.
    • Right now, St. Laurence will definitely be offering the following 10 girls sports: Basketball, Bowling, Competitive Cheerleading, Cross Country, Golf, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Track and Field and Volleyball
    • If we have enough girls, we will field separate girls teams for Golf and Bowling. If there are not enough to field a complete team, the girls will compete with our boys teams during the regular season. They would then enter the IHSA postseason as individuals in the girls tournament.
    • Tennis will be offered whether we have a full team or just a few individuals.
    • For the time being, the Competitive Cheerleading team will continue under our Golden Girls model out of respect for the girls that are already in the program from other schools.
    • Competitive Dance will be offered only if we have enough interest to field a full team. It is not possible to compete in this sport without a full team.
    • For every sport that we offer, we will compete at the varsity level. If we have enough for a JV or sophomore level, we will compete at that level as well.

Coaching Updates

    • George Shimko has been hired as the Head Girls Basketball Coach
    • We currently have openings posted for Volleyball, Softball and Soccer. Volleyball interviews will begin shortly, with a goal of having a coach in place by the end of March. Softball and Soccer will follow.
    • Just because a position is not currently posted does not mean we will not offer the sport. We want to make sure that our girls have the best coaches in the area. To identify those quality coaches, we have a diligent interview process in place that makes it unfeasible to hire all coaches at once. Additionally, we have to confirm that we will have the numbers to offer some of the sports that currently have low numbers at Queen of Peace.
    • After we have hired the Volleyball, Soccer and Softball coaches and once we have a better idea of the number of girls planning on playing each sport, we will begin the process of hiring Tennis, Golf, Bowling, and Dance coaches, if necessary.
    • Girls Cross Country and Track and Field will be coached by our current staff, led by head coach Darrell Reed. We have seen an immediate impact on our Track and Cross Country programs with Coach Reed in his first year, and we have full confidence that he will achieve the same results with the girls.
    • As we hire coaches, they will start putting together their summer camp plans for high school and grade school girls. Those details will be communicated as soon as they are finalized.
    • The bottom line is that we want to offer as many opportunities as we can for the girls to participate in athletics. The ability to offer every sport depends on the girls’ willingness to get involved!