Posted on October 8, 2021 · Posted in Athletic News

The summer season saw a number of student-athletes recognized for their performances. Kevin McCormick was named All-State in baseball. DJ Helwig, Jason Krol, and Mike Laudando joined McCormick on the CCL All-Conference Team. Maddie Lapinski and Emma Lotus were both named All-State in softball. They were both also GCAC All-Conference, along with Maddie Davis and Angelina Seropian. In girls soccer, Jocelyn Ruiz, Emily Garcia, Jazmin Ramirez, Avery Geigner, and Vanessa Jones were all named GCAC All-Conference. Thomas Suchecki and Michael Conroy were both named All-Conference in the Catholic League for volleyball. Andrew Barnes was CCL All-Conference for lacrosse. Aaron Wofford was All-State in the high jump and Mike Rodriguez’s 3rd place finish in state made him All-State in the IWCOA. Finally, Coach Ellen Yopchick was named the Lawless Coach of the Year in the CCL for boys volleyball.