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Student Council & NHS.

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Officer List 2014-2015

Student Council

Francis Murray III – President
Joe Madera – Vice President
Narsis Whigham – Secretary
John Gould – Treasurer
Tim Hecker – Parliamentarian

Representative(s) At Large

Lukas Burdelik

National Honor Society

Sam Miglieri – President
Josh Niloff – Vice President
Dan Murtaugh – Secretary
Tom Lyons – Treasurer
Mathias Morales – Historian


Student Council

Ms. Karen Mikan

National Honor Society

Ms. Agnes Kasboske

Homeroom Representatives (To Be Elected)

Homeroom Teacher Representative Alternate
B105 Ms. Castro
B106 Br. Mahoney
B107 Ms. Baldwin
B109 Ms. Mikan
B112 Dr. Pallardy
B114 Mr. Hynes
CLAB Mr. McLean
C119 Mr. Faber
C120 Mr. Corbett
C121 Ms. Safstrom
D127 Mr. Gaichas
D128 Mr. Loulousis
D131 Mr. P. Lotus
D132 Ms. Weis
D134 Mr. Ofiara
D136 Br. Smyth
E143 Mr. Sevedge
E149 Mr. Herbeck