Posted on June 12, 2013 · Posted in Testimonials

rob pic science“St. Laurence challenged me from the very beginning by placing me in the honors track.  At first, I struggled with the work more than I ever had in grammar school and I was forced to focus intently on my studies.  The teachers at St. Laurence make it their mission to prepare their students by structuring their classes like college courses.  At the same time, they manage to make their classes interesting and exciting.  The teachers were always willing to work at an individual level with me because they genuinely cared that I was learning.  I was encouraged by the faculty to enroll in Advanced Placement courses to further challenge myself.  In addition to earning college credit, taking AP courses exposed me to advanced material and electrified my interest in math and science. This led me to seek a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and currently a M.S. in Biotechnology.  I attribute most of my academic success in these highly technological majors to the outstanding math and science foundation that I received at St. Laurence.  More generally, I believe I have been successful in college and graduate school thanks to the invaluable preparation that I received both in and out of the classroom at St. Laurence.”