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Vike Link May 2016

From the Office of the Principal,

Parents and students,

Make sure that your tuition and fees are current. As we approach the end of another school year, delinquent tuition and fees can cause a problem for seniors when dealing with prom and graduation.

At the senior/parent meeting in April, we discussed many issues and concerns parents have during this time of year. I want to thank those parents who attended. Ninety-five percent of the parents attended. Great turnout!!!

Prom season is approaching. Please speak to your son concerning prom and post-prom activities. Your son is responsible for his date’s behavior at school functions, including the prom. Please avoid any embarrassment at the prom by abiding by all school rules.

Every time I meet with the seniors I say the following: “Do not do anything to jeopardize your graduation.” Graduation is a time to celebrate what you have accomplished. It is a time to share with family and friends. All school rules are in effect until graduation. Please do not put me in a position where I would have to deny your son admission to the prom, attendance at baccalaureate mass or graduation.

Just a reminder to senior parents, you will only receive six tickets for the mass/graduation ceremony on Tuesday, May 24 at St. Albert the Great Church at 7:30 PM. Your son does not need a ticket. No one will be let into the church unless he or she has a ticket. Please do not put our ushers in a situation were they will have to turn you or a family member away because he or she does not have a ticket. If you do not have a ticket, do not come to the graduation ceremony.   Parents who would like to sign-up for an extra ticket should contact Mrs. Hynes.

Please dress appropriately for the graduation ceremony and the Baccalaureate mass. Students should be dressed in shirt, tie, dress pants and dress shoes. No T-shirts, jeans or gym shoes are allowed at the ceremony. Parents should be dressed appropriately. These are special days for parents and students. Dress for success.

Senior final exams are May 16-18. The last day of school for seniors is May 13. Underclassmen exams are May 24-May 27. Last day of school is May 27.

Loving God, please remember the senior class. We thank you for their many accomplishments over the past four years. Inspire them to dedicate themselves to even more success as they move on from St. Laurence. Help our seniors to fulfill their responsibilities and to enjoy the present, while maintaining a healthy perspective on the future. We pray in the name of Jesus, the Lord. Amen.

In May, we celebrate Mothers’ Day. Please remember to thank your mother for what she does for you. The sacrifices that she and the rest of your family make to send you to STL are extraordinary. Think of all the little things that Mom does for you. Do you appreciate them or do you take them for granted? Tell your Mom how much you love and care about her.

We thank God for our mothers who have loved us and cared for us. We pray for our mothers whether they are still with us in this world or with God now in eternity. Bless them abundantly, O God, and help them to be patient with themselves and with us. We pray in the name of Jesus, the Lord. Amen. St. Laurence, pray for us. Blessed Edmund, pray for us. Live Jesus in our hearts, forever.


Mr. James C. Muting, Principal