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Vike Link August 2016

From the Office of the Principal

Parents and students,

Welcome back for another wonderful year at St. Laurence.  I hope your summer has been enjoyable.  I know you are ready to begin the school year.

Just a reminder:  the school day this year begins at 7:57 AM.  The day ends at 2:33 PM.  Wednesday will be late start days.  Students will report at 9:30 AM. Check the school website and calendar for further information.

This year, our student activity periods and “Team of Teams” will be on Wednesday mornings at 11:25 AM.

The Team of Teams program provides STL students with an opportunity to use teamwork as a means of accomplishing goals they would have not been able to do on their own; to create strong bonds and a sense of unity; to provide cooperation and friendly competition; and to motivate each other for success.

Teams will consist of 12-16 students of all years selected at random with a faculty/staff mentor.  Teams will meet on a regular basis to accomplish the mission of the program.

The parent/student handbook is online.  Please check the website, read the handbook, and contact me with any questions.

The school academic calendar is on the website.  It will be updated regularly.  The athletic calendar will be posted on the athletic area of the website.

Due to the warm weather, students may wear shorts and gym shoes with socks with their STL polo until Friday, October 7.

You will be receiving a school reach call about the opening days of school.  The message will concern the opening of school, book sale days/packet pick-up, school days and meetings.  When you come to school to buy your books, you will pick up your packet in the office. Please make sure all information requested in the packet is up to date, and that phone numbers, home address and e-mail addresses are current.  If you have any questions, please call the school.

I would like to welcome the following new additions to the STL family:  Mr. Jon Crotty and Ms. Kerry Walsh will be teaching English; Mrs. Renata Czarniak, Mrs. Nadine Wisniowicz and Ms. Victoria DiNaso will be teaching Math; Mrs. Katie Kikos be teaching Math/Science and assisting the athletic department; Ms. Rebeca Martinez will be teaching Spanish; Mrs. Teri Marshall will be teaching anatomy and physiology; Mr. Brian Wichert will be teaching computer classes, moderating the Computer Lab Assistant Program and coaching freshmen baseball.

As we begin a new year, I cannot stress enough the importance of parent involvement in your son’s education. Please follow the Vike-link, web pages, Ed-line and other correspondence that comes home to monitor your son’s progress.  Join the Mothers’ and Fathers’ Clubs.   Attend back to school night, parent orientation and parent conferences. We want and need you to get involved at St. Laurence.

Students need to be involved before and after school.  Four years go by quickly.  Get involved. You will be happy you did once you graduate.

August 9 is book/schedule pick up and apparel sale day from 8:00AM to 2:00 PM and from 6:00-7:00 PM.

Freshmen parent orientation is Sunday, August 14 at 11:00 AM.  Information on the freshman mass/orientation/BBQ will be given at book sales.  RSVP by August 12.  Senior, junior and sophomore parent orientation is Monday, August 15 at 7:00 PM.  Parents, make sure you attend your orientation on the assigned dates.  Our first day of school for freshmen is Monday, August 15 and for all students on Wednesday, August 17.

There will be no student pick up in the north parking lot after school this year.  If you pick up your son after school, pick him up on 77th Street or Central Ave.  Only school buses, CTA buses and students with parking permits will be allowed in the north parking lot after school.  Please adhere to this regulation for the safety of students exiting the building.

St. Laurence, pray for us. Blessed Edmund, pray for us.  Live Jesus in our hearts, forever.

Mr. James C. Muting, Jr.

Important August dates:

August 9        Book, schedule & apparel pick-up – 8:00-2:00 PM and 6:00-7:00 PM

August 14       Freshmen family mass/orientation/BBQ – 11:00-2:00 PM – RSVP by August 12

August 15       First day of school for Freshmen – 8:00-2:33 PM

      Sophomore/Junior/Senior parents orientation – 7:00 PM

August 16       Freshmen only classes – 8:00-2:33

August 17       First day of school for all students – 8:00-2:33

August 19       Freshmen welcome assembly; School mass of Holy Spirit

Important dates at a glance


9          Book, schedule and apparel pick-up

10        New faculty meeting

11        Faculty In-Service

12        Faculty In-Service

14        Freshmen family mass/orientation/BBQ

15        First day of school for Freshmen

  Sophomore/Junior/Senior parents orientation

16        Freshmen only classes

17        First day of school for all students


5          Labor Day – No classes

26-30   Homecoming Week


3          No classes

27        Parent teacher Conferences

28        No Classes


6          Open House

7          No classes

23-25   Thanksgiving break – No classes


4          Open House

5          No classes

Christmas break–December 24-January 8


9          Classes resume

16        Martin Luther King Day – No classes

Leadership week – January 30-February 3


6          No classes

20        No classes


15        Parent teacher Conferences

16-20  Spring Break – no classes


13-18   Easter Break – no classes


30       Last day of school

31        Faculty Day