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What Parents can Expect


We must bear true faith and allegiance to our family, friends, St. Laurence and the St. Laurence community.


We must encourage each other through education to gain the skills and knowledge both spiritually and socially to overcome obstacles in life.


We must promote positive thinking towards change and realize its ability to influence others.


We must fulfill our obligations as students in academics, athletics, clubs, and extra-curricular activities.


We must identify with the feelings, thoughts and attitudes of others.


We must treat people as they should be treated, which is how we would want to be treated ourselves.


We must put the welfare of others before our own.


We must develop strong characters in ourselves as men of our word who value honesty.


We must do what’s right, both legally and morally.


We must face our fears head on.

Leaders are not born, they are developed through a set of skills that is learned and practiced.

Leadership Development at STL

The following are skills which are cultivated in our students within classrooms and hallways on a daily basis.

  • Problem solving.
  • Working together in a group towards a common goal or outcome.
  • Having pride in their environment/school.
  • Displaying outstanding moral character.

Within the leadership Course, the same concepts are enhanced and developed more in depth through projects, readings and activities.

  • Projects – Currently – Develop Vision, Plan, Enlist others, Implement, Leave a Legacy.

Opportunities along the Way:

  • Irons Oaks Outdoor Education – Freshman
  • STL Leadership Course focusing on a team building and problem solving curriculum – Sophomore
  • Illinois Leadership Seminar – Sophomore (summer)
  • HOBY Seminars (Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Seminars) – Sophomore (summer)
  • Lewis U. Leadership Course (Dual credit) – Juniors and Seniors à Additional opportunities include summer Learning to Lead and SIGNUM programs for leadership development.
  • STL Leadership Course focusing on an organizational enhancement and Legacy curriculum – Junior and Senior
  • Team of Teams Leaders/Captains – Senior
  • L-Ship Committee – All levels
  • Leadership Week – All levels
  • Student Council class representative – All levels

With all of these opportunities come many experiences that the students draw from and help them build their leadership foundation and allow them to Leave as a Leader.


1730880001-0034Dan Cummings. Class of 2015

St. Laurence and the leadership program have prepared me so well to tackle any obstacles that I will encounter in the rest of my high school career, in college, and life after college as I strive to become an FBI agent. The leadership program has helped shape me into the student athlete and person I am today. I am truly prepared for college and I am really excited because of how comfortable and confident I am with myself. Thanks to St. Laurence I am and will continue to be truly successful. Go Vikes!



Dennis McCarthy. Class of 2017

St. Laurence is a unique high school community in which leadership is emphasized on an everyday basis, whether it is a group project or activity, team building, or getting to know others in one of the many clubs, sports, and activities that are offered at St. Laurence. St. Laurence continues to show why leadership can have such a great impact in the world. I have loved every minute at St. Laurence so far, and I appreciate the important lessons that I have learned at St. Laurence. I know that I would not have learned these lessons if I had chosen another high school. I am truly thankful and blessed to be given such a great education. Go Vikings!

Roman Lewis U.Roman Ortega, Jr., M.B.A. Director of Veterans’ Affairs and Recruitment at Lewis University

I am impressed with the quality of college preparation that the students exhibit and the natural transition they have made to Lewis University.  Also evident is the leadership ethos that permeates all scholastic endeavors and classroom interactions. They are some of the best high school students that I have ever worked with.


225757_182406455143096_182388658478209_512497_4933937_nKeith Deltano. Nationally touring speaker, author and educator

I was so impressed with the students and staff of St. Laurence.  The staff’s commitment to the students was evident, I could tell they were more than teachers, they were mentors.  The young men I was able to interact with were well spoken, confident and committed to becoming outstanding leaders in the community.  St Laurence’s commitment to excellence is apparent in everything they do.