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Grade: Senior

Grade School:  Century Jr. High

021Why did you choose St. Laurence?
I chose St.Laurence because I wanted a good Catholic School education.  When I shadowed at STL, I really liked the students and the atmosphere.  The student who I shadowed with was very nice and answered all my questions about STL.  The other important thing about STL that I liked was the teachers and staff.  They were all very nice and welcoming. The final reason I chose STL was because I wanted to go to a school with a good sports program.  I wanted to play basketball and football and all the coaches were very nice.  Choosing St. Laurence  was a great decision for me.
What is your advice to an 8th grader making a decision on what high school to attend?
My advice to an 8th grader would be to try shadowing at a couple high schools of your choice and make a list of all the things that are important to you in a high school.  When you shadow, keep that list in mind and ask a lot of questions.  Ask about the sports program and outside of school activities if you would like to be part of them.  Meet all the coaches and ask them questions too.  Make sure you talk to your parents about your choice and don’t forget about transportation.  I live very far away, which was one of the deciding factors for my parents, and St. Laurence helped me figure that out.
What do you enjoy most about playing football at St. Laurence?
I really like my coaches and teammates.  I have learned hard work and discipline really pay off.  We are like a family and game nights are especially fun because we eat as a team after our games.  We have camp during summer and do a lot of fun things on the side as a team, and  the coaches and parents help a lot with this.  Homecoming is really special too.  Playing football for St. Laurence has been an awesome experience and I have learned a lot.